Do you need a fun activity to do with your kids? Look no further than these simple homemade crafts!

From paper crafts to painting ideas, sewing projects, clay sculptures, and even recycled crafts, there’s something for everyone.

Get creative and have a blast making these easy crafts with your kids!

Supplies Needed

What supplies do you need to make these simple homemade crafts with your kids?

Basic materials like:

  • paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • construction paper
  • markers
  • crayons

should be enough.

You can also add things like:

  • buttons
  • pipe cleaners
  • string
  • fabric scraps
  • paint

If you want something more unique, look for items lying around the house like:

  • empty toilet paper rolls
  • old magazines
  • cardboard boxes

Have fun collecting items for your craft. Aim to use up materials you already have before buying new ones. Also, think of ways to reuse and recycle items to make something new and interesting.

Paper Crafts

Frequently using paper, glue, and scissors, you and your kids can get creative and make some fun paper crafts! Here are some ideas:

  • Create a paper chain: Cut colorful strips of paper into equal lengths and glue them together into a chain.

  • Make a paper fortune teller: Cut out a sheet of paper into a square and fold it into a fortune teller.

  • Construct a paper airplane: Fold a piece of paper in a certain pattern and fly it around the house!

  • Assemble a paper kite: Punch two holes in a paper bag and tie a string to each hole. Attach a tail to the bottom and watch it soar!

Painting Ideas

Try your hand at some creative painting projects with your kids!

From splatter painting to watercolor paper mosaics, there are plenty of ways to get creative with paint.

Use paper plates to make a painted rainbow, cut out shapes from cardstock and dip them in paint to make a stamping masterpiece, or let your kids get creative with a paint-by-numbers canvas.

The possibilities are endless.

And if you’re worried about making a mess, invest in some inexpensive drop cloths or old bedsheets to keep the mess contained. Just make sure to have a few old rags on hand to wipe up any errant paint splatters.

Once the project is finished, hang up your artwork for the world to see.

The results are sure to be beautiful.

Sewing Projects

Grab your needle and thread and let your kids explore the fun of sewing with these easy sewing projects! From stitching a simple pillow to creating a stuffed animal, sewing is a great way for kids to learn how to use a needle and thread.

Here are some fun ideas to get them started:

  • Make a felt bookmark with a colorful ribbon for the tassel.

  • Create a stuffed animal with fabric, stuffing, and a little bit of imagination.

  • Sew a pillow in any shape they desire.

  • Create a fabric necklace or bracelet with colorful beads.

Sewing can be a great way to spend time with your kids and create beautiful items at the same time!

Clay Sculptures

Making clay sculptures with kids is a fun, creative activity that helps them express their ideas and boost their confidence.

To get started, you’ll need to prepare the clay, brainstorm shape ideas, and then bake the final result.

Let’s explore how to do this together!

Prepare Clay

For this craft project, you’ll need to prepare clay to make clay sculptures. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Air-dry clay
  • A plastic bin or tub
  • Water
  • A rolling pin

Start by adding water to the tub. Mix in the clay until the desired consistency is reached. Use your hands to knead the clay for a few minutes.

Roll the clay out with the rolling pin. Depending on the thickness desired, you may need to roll it out multiple times.

When complete, you can start creating your sculptures.

Shape Ideas

Once you have the clay ready, you can start creating clay sculptures with your kids! With a few simple tools, like rolling pins and cookie cutters, you can help them make all sorts of fun shapes. If they’re feeling ambitious, you can help them create more detailed clay sculptures. Encourage them to try making animals, buildings, or whatever else they can come up with. Let their imaginations run wild!

For a more structured approach, you can have them trace a paper template onto the clay. Have them use the rolling pin to flatten it out, then cut out the shapes with a knife or a cookie cutter. Finally, help them press the pieces together to complete the sculpture.

It’s a great way to get creative and have fun!

Bake Result

Once your clay sculptures are finished, it’s time to bake them! Preheat the oven to the temperature specified in the instructions for the type of clay you’re using. Place your sculptures on parchment paper on a baking sheet and bake for the suggested time. Once finished, let the sculptures cool completely before handling.

There are a few things to keep in mind when baking clay sculptures:

  • Make sure the oven is completely preheated before putting in the sculptures.
  • Keep an eye on the sculptures while they’re baking to avoid over-cooking.
  • Allow the sculptures to cool completely before handling.
  • Store the sculptures in a dry place to keep them from cracking.

Recycled Crafts

You and your kids can have a blast with recycled crafts!

Get creative and reuse materials around the house to upcycle objects into something new.

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild and make something original!

Reuse Materials

With a little creativity, you can use recycled materials to make fun and easy crafts with your kids. Get creative with items like:

  • Egg cartons
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Jar lids
  • Cardboard boxes

These materials can be used to make a variety of projects such as 3D animals, homemade instruments, and more.

Reusing materials can be a great way to teach your kids the importance of reducing waste and the impact it can have on our environment.

Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to make fun and creative crafts with your kids that can be enjoyed for years to come!

Upcycle Objects

Transform everyday objects into one-of-a-kind crafts with your kids! Upcycling objects is a great way to get creative with your kids while teaching them about sustainability.

Have them search your home for items that can be reused or repurposed. You can turn an old shirt into a tote bag, a plastic bottle into a planter, or a cereal box into a puppet theatre.

The possibilities are endless! Involve your kids in the process and let them be the designers. Ask them to come up with ideas for repurposing each item.

Have fun with it and let their imaginations run wild. With a bit of creativity, you and your kids can make amazing recycled crafts that will last for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Range of Children Are These Crafts Suitable For?

These crafts are suitable for children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. You can adjust the difficulty of the project depending on the age of the child. Younger children may need help with more complex projects, while older kids can take on more challenging tasks.

How Long Does Each Craft Typically Take to Complete?

The length of time it takes to complete each craft varies, depending on the craft. Generally, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to finish a craft.

Are There Any Safety Tips to Consider When Making These Crafts?

When making crafts with kids, remember to take safety precautions. Always supervise, and make sure you have the necessary tools and materials on hand. Wear protective clothing and use age-appropriate techniques.

Are There Any Special Tools Needed to Complete the Crafts?

You may need some special tools to complete the crafts. Consider whether scissors, glue, tape, or paint are required.

Are There Any Ways to Help Keep the Cost of Supplies Down?

You may want to look for sales or second-hand stores for supplies. Shopping online can also offer discounts. Reusing items around the house can be a great way to save money.


Grab some supplies, and get crafting!

With these simple homemade crafts, you and your kids can create something special together.

From paper crafts to sewing projects and everything in between, there’s something for everyone.

Plus, it’s a great way to use recycled materials and get creative.

So what’re you waiting for?

Let’s get crafting!