They are achieving rug designs that used to appear impossible for many artisans. But because of a tufting revival (and relatively easy access to tufting guns), many creative people have started making personalized artful rugs. BBRUG’s Iana makes hand-made, personalized rugs with a range of influences. However, among these, drawings with rodents have delighted online users.

Two rats are cuddled together in a rug made by Iana, and their tails are curled into a heart shape. This illustration captures the bond between these two creatures in a charming way. Even better, Iana, who knows rodents, has a specific connection to the design. They tell My Modern Met, “I had two rats when I was a youngster, and I truly adored them. Rats make fantastic pets, but sadly, they don’t live long enough.

They became adults and started creating tufted rugs when Iana was older. I reasoned that it would be wonderful to decorate the interior while honoring my beloved pets’ memory. People initially appreciated my idea because of this, and now they also want a rug with their pets.

Latch and Rug Hook Kits to Get You Designing in the Retro Style

Numerous crafts appear to have reached their peak in the 1970s. A good example is macramé. However, you should look at any projects you believe are intended for your grandma’s home. As modern makers have regained their appeal in recent years, techniques and activities that seem to belong in the past have seen a renaissance. Such crafts include rug hooking and latch hooking.

So what exactly are rug hooking and latching? Although they have a similar appearance (and are frequently confused), the two have a few key distinctions. Latch hooking creates a knot by utilizing a unique hinged instrument and small, pre-cut lengths of yarn. The project may end up looking like a shag carpet. Rug hooking, on the other hand, involves pulling yarn loops through a woven base, like burlap or linen, using a hook similar to the one used for crochet. As a result, a picture consisting of tiny loops is produced.

The good news is that designers have made all-inclusive kits with everything you need to create vibrant designs, so you can attempt any form of hooking craft you choose. You can recreate various objects with fibers, such as cat portraits, cacti, and sushi.