Orange burlap and batting wreath.

Need how many? “a Styrofoam wreath form, cardboard, scissors, glue, cotton batting, orange burlap, black adhesive-backed craft foam, green ribbon, and fishing line.

Cover the wreath form with a hot-glued cardboard circle. A mound of cotton batting, cardboard side down, should be 2 inches high “the wreath’s shape. Orange burlap 3″x20” pieces for wreath wrapping. Glue one end of each strip to the cardboard back’s centre, then glue the other. Reuse the strips. Repeat for each strip until the shape is covered in burlap. Hot glue foam facial features to the wreath’s rounded side. Twice, “Thread green ribbon through the wreath’s top strip for the pumpkin’s stem. Suspend the fish line.

Paper pumpkin jack-o-lanterns

Pumpkins look great on porches and ceilings. Glue cardstock faces onto paper lanterns with fishing line or painter’s tape (we found ours at pearlrivermart.com).

Pumpkin Families.

Craft pumpkins into people. Using inexpensive materials and your imagination, you can make Halloween porch neighbours.

Pumpkin topiaries

Transform porch topiaries into pumpkins with orange tulle.

Needed: Essentials: Bark, orange tulle, black adhesive-backed felt, scissors. Do:

  1. Encase the topiary in orange tulle.
  2. Keep the tulle tail under the bottom layer. The topiary should have regarded face features.
  3. Cut a tulle depression to insert bark.

Pumpkin-shaped pillows

Adhere black buttons or beads on orange throw cushion fabric.

Horror’s Tree

Using plain white baubles, fill your favourite holiday decorations.

Items needed: Clear plastic decorations, a black pen, and orange crinkle paper are needed “green ribbon DIY: Draw a pumpkin face within the handcrafted ornament with a permanent marker. Place a slip of paper on the ornament’s round side and trace the face with a marker. A dab of glue at the ornament’s bottom is all needed to secure crinkle paper, feathers, or pom-poms. To hang the pendant, thread the ribbon through its loop.

Fabulous frames

Orange pumpkin frames can brighten your office.

Photo frames, orange paper, scissors, a glue pen, glitter, ribbon, and tape are included. To remove a rack:

  1. Remove the backer, photo, and glass.
  2. Before going on to the next pumpkin feature, use a glue pen and glitter.
  3. Attach a piece of orange ribbon around the frame with duct tape.
  4. Replace the shelf’s backing to show.